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          Program Name Bachelor's Pre-Professional or Affiliate Master's Minor Education Field Endorsement Education Subject Endorsement Supplemental Endorsement
          Safety Management Explore      Explore       
          School Administration (MSE) - Fully Online     Explore         
          School Counseling (MSE) - Partially Online     Explore         
          Science Education (7-12) Explore             
          Science Education (MSE) - Partially Online     Explore         
          Secondary English Education (7-12) Explore             
          Skilled and Technical Sciences Education (6-12) (formerly Industrial Technology Education) Explore             
          Social Sciences Explore      Explore       
          Social Sciences Education (7-12) Explore             
          Social Sciences Education (MSE) - Fully Online     Explore         
          Sociology Explore      Explore       
          Sociology Education (7-12) Explore             
          Spanish Explore      Explore       
          Spanish Education (7-12) Explore             
          Special Education (MSE) - Fully Online     Explore         
          Special Education Generalist (7-12) Explore             
          Special Education Generalist (K-12) Explore             
          Special Education Generalist (K-6) Explore             
          Speech Communication       Explore       
          Speech Education (7-12) Explore             
          Sport and Recreation Management (MSOM) - Fully Online     Explore         
          Sport Management Explore      Explore       
          Student Affairs and College Counseling (MSE) - Partially Online     Explore         
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