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          Nate Herbst
          H&R Construction Co. employes two Wayne State graduates, Tanner Boyle '17 (left) and Greg Topf '04 (center). H&R Construction is owned by WSC alumnus Nate Herbst '01 (right).


          内特赫布斯特'01在沙柳,爱荷华州的小镇长大。维斯特伍德在1997年高中毕业后,我选择了在澳门金沙城中心官网就读。赫布斯特是为野猫足球队后卫,他的许多回忆学生运动员的一大亮点。在2001年,毕业于工业技术/工业管理学位赫布斯特 - 建设,并在业务未成年人。

          After graduating from WSC, Herbst worked for a general contractor in Sioux City, Iowa, where his primary responsibilities were estimating and managing construction projects up to $30 million. In 2010, he and his partner decided to start their own construction company. Each of them borrowed as much money against their homes as the bank would allow, and in August of that year, H&R Construction Co. was formed.

          H&R Construction in South Sioux City specializes in construction projects that range from a few hundred thousand dollars to well over $25 million. Herbst said their primary focus is commercial, industrial, and institutional projects, such as automotive dealerships, manufacturing facilities, cold storage warehousing, schools, and hospital construction.

          H&R Construction employs 42 talented individuals as laborers, carpenters, superintendents, and project managers, two of which are also WSC alumni. Greg Topf ’04 is a senior project manager, and Tanner Boyle ’17 is in the supervisor training program.

          “Both are exceptional employees with very strong work ethics,” Herbst said. “H&R Construction has always been focused on delivering better customer service than our clients expect. Our vision, mission, and values are the core to our success.”

          For more information about H&R Construction, visit www.hnrco.com.

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