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Do you spend a good part of your day on the web and want to turn that passion for understanding the internet into a career? If so, consider the web analyst degree program at Wayne State College. You’ll learn principles and concepts of computing along with organizational and business concepts. You’ll gain practical skills in the areas of computer programming, website development, introductory networking, systems development, hardware, operating systems, and databases. You’ll be able to work independently, as well as in groups across a range of diverse situations. With a computer information systems degree, you’ll be ready for a wide variety of careers in the information technology sector. Or, you can choose a more specific path in areas related to web and online services, website development, or user interface (UI) and application development.

Sample Program of Study

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best college for web degree - 100% employment

Percent of recent WSC graduates employed or in graduate school
based on the most recent 毕业生调查


授予学位: B.A. or B.S. in Computer Information Systems/Web Analyst

For concentration: 57
General education: 30
To graduate from WSC: 120

流行的未成年人: Business Administration, Geospatial Technology平面设计, Web and Moble App Design and Development

学校: Business and Technology

部门: Computer Technology and Information System

Scholarships and Aid

In addition to having the region’s most affordable tuition, we offer thousands of dollars in scholarships every year. Learn more about scholarships for the web analyst degree program at Wayne State College.


Our Focus is Results

Wayne State has the keys to your success and offers just what you need to become well prepared for the real world in the web analyst degree program.

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  • 先进的网络设计
  • 脚本语言
  • Object-oriented programming
  • Internet and web technology for e-commerce
  • Analysis and design of computer information systems
  • Networking concepts and technologies
  • Database design and development using SQL
  • Computer troubleshooting
  • Time management and organization
  • Critical thinking and problem-solving

web development degree careers


  • Web开发人员
  • 网站设计者
  • UI / UX设计师
  • 程序员
  • Application developer
  • 软件开发师
  • 系统分析
  • 专案经理
  • Social media manager
  • IT管​​理员

employers of web specialists


  • Advertising agencies
  • 在线零售商
  • Marketing or design firms
  • Information technology companies
  • Businesses and corporations
  • Web development companies
  • Banking and financial institutions
  • 保险公司
  • Schools, colleges, and universities
  • Technical support centers
  • 自主就业



Our faculty are accomplished. Several are highly regarded as experts and have been recognized with notable honors and awards. And with a low student-to-faculty ratio, you'll be sure to receive an excellent education in the web analyst degree program.

Outside the Classroom

At Wayne State College, you’ll have opportunities to enhance your education in the web analyst degree program by participating in clubs, organizations, internships, and more.

web specialist degree clubs

Clubs and Organizations


WSC Service Learning


Make a difference in the community while learning skills you can apply toward your future career! Wayne State’s 服务学习 program has received national awards in recognition of outstanding community service, with more than 400 students participating in 服务学习 projects each semester. Projects in this field typically include website development opportunities for local non-profit and community organizations.



opportunities for web specialist degree program


  • Competitions, trips, and more – Show your skills and compete for awards at robotics and programming competitions, attend guest speaker events, and tour professional IT facilities to learn more about your field and meet pros in the industry.
  • 社区活动 – Conduct workshops to help teach computing topics to local senior citizen groups, help promote the technology recycling program, serve as a judge for the Web Wizardry Competition, and even present at local schools for technology career days.
  • 出国留学 - Earn credit toward your degree while experiencing exciting global adventures overseas.
实习 for web specialists


As part of your studies, you’ll complete a project for a “real-world” business to earn credit toward your degree. We also frequently employ students in our Network and Technology Services Department to give you additional field experience.  就业服务 is available to help you find internship and employment opportunities as well.